Tragelaphus Taxidermy is owned and operated by Karel Eloff.

From a young age Karel grew a tremendous love for hunting and the outdoors, until he has introduced to taxidermy at the age of 16 and started getting involved in the art of taxidermy. After graduating from high school he went to the US to go on a taxidermy course to get more experience and knowledge about taxidermy. After returning he started working at a local taxidermy for 3 years and thereafter started what is today Tragelaphus Taxidermy.

Tragelaphus is the first name in the scientific name of the Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus sylvaticus), Nyala (Tragelaphus Angasii) and the Southern Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros strepsiceros) they are all part of the spiral horns family and our most loved animals to work on.


Why choose us...

At Tragelaphus Taxidermy, we have a very dedicated team aiming to provide a quality service to very client. Personal service is very important to us and we meet up with 99% of our clients whose trophies we work on. We are also a highly experienced team with over 200 years combined experience in taxidermy and the hunting industry.

Because we are not a massive operation you can expect to get a quality service and that we meet every requirement / request you may have.

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